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Chemostrat is a high quality geoscience consultancy, providing specialist correlation and provenance services to the oil and gas industry worldwide. We have offices, laboratories and interpretative resources in the UK, Houston and Perth Australia that can provide a responsive and personal service for our clients. Over the last 20 years, we established chemostratigraphy as a mainstream technique. More recently, our ethos of innovation, quality and value for money has been extended with an establishment of a multi-disciplinary ‘Service matrix’ which can be adapted to tackle a wide of stratigraphic, provenance, palaeoenvironmental and reservoir quality issues for our clients. Chemostrat has also developed a successful range on regional non-exclusive reports that apply aspects the ‘Service Matrix’ workflow and innovative techniques to provide progressive solutions to projects from the North Sea, Norway, Atlantic margins, Canada and Africa. Chemostrat’s client base continues to increase but our technical competency remains unrivalled in the oil services sector. Visit the Chemostrat website.


Origin Analytical UK Ltd has its ISO9001:2008 Certification and operates independently from Chemostrat providing high quality geochemical, mineralogical, magnetic, and isotopic data for oil industry operators and service companies alike. With laboratories in the UK, Houston and Perth the company can offer ‘hot shot’ services to support development drilling decisions. Origin Analytical’s services are also offered in the mining sector, metal recycling, for environmental monitoring and for the analysis of artefacts in archaeological studies Visit the Origin Analytical website.

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Chemostrat invented wellsite chemostratigraphy in 2000 which lead to a 10 year alliance with Halliburton and the establishment of the LaserStrat service. Chemostrat undertook instrument R&D, provided staff for wellsite deployment, and completed numerous predrill pilot studies for this service. In 2012 Chemostrat emerged from the Halliburton alliance and have now established an independent comprehensive wellsite chemostratigraphy and mineralogy service. Visit the Wellsite website.

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